New Product: 50 State Quarter Display Map

Our Etsy shop is setup to accept custom orders/requests from customers. About three weeks ago a customer reached out to us about making a display map for the popular 50 state quarter program that the US Mint ran from 1999 to 2008.

Update: New map design release in 2017 and is now in our shop: View Map

We’ve never done anything like this so it presented a unique challenge and an opportunity to make something truly unique. We scoured the web for ideas and simply could not find something similar that had been done with a laser cutter.

We set out to draft a design and idea that our customer was happy with and the result is this beautiful laser cut Display Map of the United States.

Product Features

  • Unique, rustic design
  • All wood construction
  • Room to collect all 50 quarters for each state
  • Quarters press into secure display slots across the U.S. map, with easy pop-out holes for removal

About the Program

Over the course of the program, the mint placed into circulation quarters commemorating each state in the order in which they joined the union. At the end of the program, all fifty states were represented on US quarters in circulation. Soon after the 50 state program concluded, the mint expanded the program to include DC and US territories.

Back to the order, so how did we put this together? Check out our process below, lots of steps and planning to ensure an amazing map you and your family can enjoy.


  • Two laser cut plywood sheets used for the map and backing
  • Hardwood strips for border
  • Two triangle hooks to hand the display map

How It’s Made

  • We first engrave both sheets of plywood
  • Laser cut all of the parts out of the two engraved sheets
  • Both sheets are sanded down to a smooth clean surface
  • The laser cut parts are carefully glued to the backing sheet
  • The trim is glued to the edges of the display map
  • Display map is clamped down and glue is left to dry over night (multiple evenings)
  • Upon cleanup, the hardware is attached and verified
  • We then apply a coat of mineral oil blend to bring out grain and protect the wood

Interested in purchasing one? Head over to the 50 State Quarter Program Map page and order one today.

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  1. Angie Skittone says:

    Hello, I am interested in buying this product. The links on this site seem to be broken, do you still sell it?
    Thank you

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