How to Use TinkerMake Medal Display Stands

If you’re here, you likely purchased or received one of our beautiful medal displays and saw the link to this guide engraved on the medal display’s built-in stand.

In this guide I will show you the steps necessary to assemble the stand so that you can enjoy your new medal display.

IMPORTANT: When unfolding the two flaps in step 3 & 4, please do this slowly and carefully to avoid breaking the flexible joint created with the laser cut pattern.

Before we get started let’s familiarize you with the two key components required to use the stand.

1. Stand clip: The stand clip is used in conjunction with the attached fold-out flap stand to hold the stand in place.

2. Fold-out flap stand: This piece is the one attached to the medal display and flat, usually we will include easy to remove stickers to hold the flaps in place in case you choose to hang your medal display instead.

3. Now that we know the components, place the medal display on a flat surface facing down, then carefully remove the two stickers on the flaps and slowly lift the flaps until they are about two inches apart.

4. While holding up the flaps…

5. Slide the Stand Clip under the open flaps through the flap opening (see photo above).

6. With the Stand Clip under the open flaps, make sure that the two notches on the Stand Clip (blue lines) line up with the edges of the fold-up flaps (blue lines), slide the Stand clip down, in the next step you will flip the clip…see the photo below.

7. In this step you will carefully flip the Stand Clip notches side up so that the inside edges of flaps opening slide into the notches. The straight edge on the stand clip should be up against the back of the medal display (green lines in photo above).

Below you will find another angle showing you how to flip up the Stand Clip.

Once the stand clip is positioned so that it is perpendicular to the back of the medal display, the stand should be fixed in current position.

You should now be able to stand your medal display. Thank you for visiting out site and learning about our products, please reach out to us via comments or the contact form if you have any comments or questions.

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