How to Showcase Your Medals with TinkerMake Medal Displays

If you’re here, you likely purchased or received one of our beautiful medal displays as a gift and wondering, “how the heck do I keep my hard-earned medal from falling off?”

Don’t worry we have a video just for you. In this video I will walk you through the simple process of using our medal displays to showcase greatness.

Note: This guide applies to medal displays ordered after August 20, 2019

Don’t want to watch the video, no worries, instructions in text below.

The goal is to slide the ribbon through the slot on the medal display out the back and use the wooden clip to hold down the ribbon, securing your medal to the display.

  1. Locate the ribbon slot on your medal display…each marathon medal display is unique so the final location of the ribbon slot will vary.
  2. Next, locate the small wooden clip on the back side of the medal display
  3. Grab the top end of the ribbon holding your medal and slide it through the ribbon slot from the front of the medal display
  4. Carefully turn the medal over so the back is facing you. The end of the ribbon should be sticking out the backside of the medal display.
  5. Carefully pull the ribbon through while keeping an eye on your medal to make sure you place it at the right height.
  6. Once the medal is at the desired height, hold the ribbon down
  7. Carefully, lift the thin end of the clip, enough to slide the ribbon under the clip.
  8. Center the ribbon using the slot above as the guide
  9. Verify that your medal is at the desired height and that it is secured with the clip
  10. Find the most visible wall in your home and hang your new medal display with the provided sawtooth hangers.
  11. Rest assured knowing your hard-earned medals has found a worthy home.

I hope that you find our video and instructions useful and that you enjoy your new medal display.

If you have any questions or issues with your medal display, please contact us, we are here for you.