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14-inch Band Saw by Central Machinery

The first band saw to make it to our shop was a Central Machinery 9″ band saw which served the workshop well for the projects at that time. As we expanded our products to include cutting boards made from rough lumber it quickly became obvious that just planing boards resulted in too much material waste. […]

New Product: 50 State Quarter Display Map

Our Etsy shop is setup to accept custom orders/requests from customers. About three weeks ago a customer reached out to us about making a display map for the popular 50 state quarter program that the US Mint ran from 1999 to 2008. Update: New map design release in 2017 and is now in our shop: View Map […]

How We Turn Rough Lumber Into Personalized Cutting Boards

Many people ask, “how do you make these cutting boards?” Most assume that we buy pre-made cutting boards and just laser engrave when the orders come in. Since we take pride in the work we do and want each cutting board to be truly unique, we make our own cutting boards in-house. Laser engraving an […]