How to Assemble the 3D Printed Prince Symbol with Base

If you 3D printed our Prince Symbol design or placed a custom order for this product through our store, the instructions below will walk you through the process of assembling the 3D printed Prince Symbol with base.

Materials/Tools List

Items in orange are included with your kit.

  • 3D printed Prince symbol
  • 3D printed base
  • Gorilla glue or equivalent (needs to be good for plastic)
  • Sandpaper or file


A. Before you begin assembly make sure that you have all the parts necessary to assemble this kit.


B. Insert the prince symbol into the slot available on the top of the base, make sure that the symbol fits snuggly. If the lower tip of the symbol does not fit, use a file or sandpaper to slightly reduce the sides of the symbol so that it can fit snuggly.

Important: Make sure this is done in small increments, repeat until the symbol fits snuggly into the slot in the base.

prince-symbol-assembly1. Once you have confirmed a tight fit, apply the glue to the slot in the base.

2. Next, insert the symbol. Hold for 30 seconds if you using Gorilla Glue, if using another glue follow manufacturer instructions to ensure proper adhesion and curing.

3. Once glue has dried or cured you are free to place the assembled Prince symbol wherever you wish.

If you have any trouble during assembly, please leave a comment here and we will reply as soon as possible.

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