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Below you will find a growing collection of tools that I use everyday to bring our projects to life. I will make every attempt to include as much information about these tools for those of you looking to either purchase or tweak your tools.

14-inch Band Saw by Central Machinery

The first band saw to make it to our shop was a Central Machinery 9″ band saw which served the workshop well for the projects at that time. As we expanded our products to include cutting boards made from rough lumber it quickly became obvious that just planing boards resulted in too much material waste. […]

Designing the TinkerMake Workbench v1

As a maker, one of the most important things you will need is a good workbench. When I decided to pursue this task I found myself pouring through Pinterest, Make, Google Image searches, wood working forums, Instructables and other sites to find a good base design that I can modify to meet my specific needs. […]