New Product: Live Edge Eucalyptus Coasters, Set of 4

Bring warmth and a piece of nature to your next meal with these personalized live edge coasters. The set includes 4 coasters that can be personalized with your family’s name or any design of your choice. Process Details Note: We do all of the work from rough lumber to finished product in-house. Coasters are crafted […]

How to Use the 3D Printed Crustless Sandwich Maker

Short video describing the steps necessary to create your own sealed crustless sandwich similar to those found in stores sold under the “Uncrustables” brand. This guide is specific to the 3D Printed Crustless Sandwich Maker sold on our Etsy shop. Instructions Prepare your sandwich Use the Cutter piece of the sandwich maker to cut out […]

How to Build Thor’s Hammer (Mjolnir) Night Light-Lamp

If you’re a fan of the Norse God Thor and you’re looking for an awesome prop for your kid’s bedroom or simply a great conversation piece for your office, you are going to love the 3D printed hammer (Mjolnir) that we’re going to be working on today. There are several ways to obtain Mjolnir, these […]

How to Change Batteries on 3D Printed Thor Mjolnir Lamp

This guide will walk you through the simple instructions to swap out the batteries on the Thor’s lamp purchased from our shop. 1. Make sure the lamp is powered off before proceeding. 2. Remove the two screws on the base of the hammer head and gently pull out the handle from the hammer head. 3. […]

How to Set Up Flytrex Core 2 with DJI Naza-M v2

I recently purchased a Flytrex Core 2 for my F450 and documented the installation process and experience. I thought it would be helpful for others to share what I learned so that when you set up your Flytrex Core 2 it will be a much better experience. Overall I found that the Core 2 installation […]

How to Connect Walkera G-3D Gimbal to Naza-M V2 Controller

I recently purchased the Walkera G-3D 3 Axis gimbal for my DJI F450 (Naza-M V2) to find out that there really isn’t any documentation covering this particular setup. So, i headed over to the forums to see if anyone else was running into the same issue, thankfully I found others. Unfortunately online directions are not as clear as a […]

How to Prepare for Shapeoko’s Arrival

If you’re new to CNC like me, this is a question you’ve probably asked yourself a million times after hitting the confirm order button…aside from when it’s shipping of course…how the heck do I prepare for the Shapeoko? Fortunately there are a ton of great  folks over at the Shapeoko forums that take the time […]

DJI F450 Project – Parts Sourcing & Build

After mastering the Dromida Ominus and growing tired of the lack of thrust, I set out to build my own quad. After weeks of research I narrowed my choice down to the Flamewheel, aka F450 kit by DJI. Below you will find a listing of the parts and tools needed to put this quad together. You […]

Designing the TinkerMake Workbench v1

As a maker, one of the most important things you will need is a good workbench. When I decided to pursue this task I found myself pouring through Pinterest, Make, Google Image searches, wood working forums, Instructables and other sites to find a good base design that I can modify to meet my specific needs. […]