How to Build Thor’s Hammer (Mjolnir) Night Light-Lamp

If you’re a fan of the Norse God Thor and you’re looking for an awesome prop for your kid’s bedroom or simply a great conversation piece for your office, you are going to love the 3D printed hammer (Mjolnir) that we’re going to be working on today.

There are several ways to obtain Mjolnir, these instructions will focus on the unassembled kit you can purchase from our shop to assemble at your convenience.

Assuming you’ve received a kit from our shop, first thing to do is ensure that you have all of the parts and tools necessary to assemble the Mjolnir lamp.

Materials List

Items in orange are included with your kit.

3D printed parts

  • Hammer head
  • Handle part A
  • Handle part B
  • Base cover

Electronics and Components

  • Set of AA battery connectors
  • Roughly 18″ of 22-24AWG wire (red and black)
  • X2 AA batteries
  • 1W LED Light (color temperature of your choice)
  • 1 6mm rocker switch
  • Heat shrink for 22-24AWG wire
  • Black electrical tape (optional)

Tools Needed

  • Soldering iron
  • Pliers
  • Hex wrench



1. Verify you have all the parts needed from the kit (refer to parts list above).


2. First step is to insert the tabs of the battery connectors into the slots provided. You may need to clear the channel if you have trouble inserting the tab.


3. The next thing you want to do is line up the wires and the components attached to those wires to get the right lengths. Cut the black wire where it would connect with the rocker switch and strip all ends.


4. Run wires on the channels provided and solder the battery connectors to the appropriate wires. Add heat shrink to the two black wires that will connect to the rocker switch.


5. Once soldered and heat shrink applied, push the rocker switch into the switch slot provided.


Note: Make sure to mind the wires and ensure that there is no exposed wire touching the other.


6. Solder the other end of the battery terminal and route the wires for the LED bulb on the other end of the handle.


7. Solder the red cable to the positive (+) and the black to the negative (-) on the LED bulb. Bend wires towards the bottom of the bulb.


Optional – Add a small piece of electrical tape over the soldering point on the battery terminals to avoid exposure. This also gives it a nice tidy look and ensures that the terminals stay in place when you change batteries.


8. Depending on the amount of excess cable, push the LED bulb down while twisting and ensure that the soldering points are intact.


9. Once the wiring is complete and the batteries have been inserted, place the top portion of the handle on the bas, the fit should be flush. If it is not, then check to see if cables are getting in the way or your solder points at the battery terminals need to be pushed down.


10. Fasten the screw into the hole near the rocker switch.

WARNING: Do not over tighten. Too much pressure will result in a lose screw.


11. Once the screw near the switch is tightened, it is time to slide the hammer’s handle into the bottom portion of the hammer head. Make sure that the holes align with those of the handle.

Insert the longer screw on the cover side of the handle and insert the shorter screw on the base side of the handle.

IMPORTANT: Failure to use the correct screw as indicated may result in damaging wire routed inside of the handle. Make sure to use caution.


12. Once the handle has been secured to the hammer head, insert the base cap to the top portion of the hammer head as pictured above. Apply some pressure and the cap should snap in.


You are done! You have completed the assembly of your very own 3D printed lamp. Congratulations.

Are you having trouble assembling your lamp, please post in the comments section below.

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