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How to Assemble the 3D Printed Prince Symbol with Base

If you 3D printed our Prince Symbol design or placed a custom order for this product through our store, the instructions below will walk you through the process of assembling the 3D printed Prince Symbol with base. Materials/Tools List Items in orange are included with your kit. 3D printed Prince symbol 3D printed base Gorilla glue or equivalent […]

How to Use the 3D Printed Crustless Sandwich Maker

Short video describing the steps necessary to create your own sealed crustless sandwich similar to those found in stores sold under the “Uncrustables” brand. This guide is specific to the 3D Printed Crustless Sandwich Maker sold on our Etsy shop. Instructions Prepare your sandwich Use the Cutter piece of the sandwich maker to cut out […]

How to Change Batteries on 3D Printed Thor Mjolnir Lamp

This guide will walk you through the simple instructions to swap out the batteries on the Thor’s lamp purchased from our shop. 1. Make sure the lamp is powered off before proceeding. 2. Remove the two screws on the base of the hammer head and gently pull out the handle from the hammer head. 3. […]