New Product: Cutting Boards for Dad, Father’s Day Gifts

Thank dad and grandpa with a unique and thoughtful gift this Father’s day. Enjoy these as functional cutting boards, as kitchen decorations or as gifts for loved ones.

We have five new cutting board designs for every dad or grandpa out there.

1. World’s Best Dad Voted by” (pictured above) designed in-house and laser engraved on natural wood, we will personalize the board with the names provided upon order submission.

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GrillMaster at Work Cutting Board-0792

2.Grillmaster at Work” designed in-house and laser engraved on natural wood. Design features the words Grillmaster at Work surrounded by flames and set on top off large BBQ spatula.

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Lechon cutting board

3. “Lechon Master” designed in-house and laser engraved on natural wood. The design includes an illustration of common pork cuts in Spanish. Customers can include a name with the order to personalize the board for recipients.

This will make a great addition to the kitchen or man cave of dad’s that spend their entire days roasting a pig for noche buena every year.

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Got Lechon Cutting Board-0873

4. “Got Lechon?” Like the Lechon Master cutting board above, this will likely appeal to all those dads that just love cooking, roasting or barbecuing pork.

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Domino Cutting Board-0880

5. “Domino Tile/Ficha” Unlike the other cutting boards listed above, this one is made with special dimensions due to the size proportions of a domino tile. Since they are 2:1 and we want the cutting board to be useful, these come standard at 16″ x 8″ x 3/4″.

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The standard design is for a 6 to 1 tile, but we can customize based on your needs.

Process Details

Note: We do all of the work from rough lumber to finished product in-house.

  • Boards are crafted from locally sourced rough lumber
  • Once cut, boards are sanded down with 100 then 250 grit sandpaper for a smooth  clean surface
  • They are then positioned on our laser cutter to engrave the bottom of the cutting board with our logo and then the design on the top surface
  • Once engraved, we sand the board one more time and treat it with food grade mineral oil, Vitamin E, beeswax and carnauba wax
  • Once completed, the boards are placed into inventory where they will wait for orders from lucky customers like you

Cutting Board Details

Available Wood Species

  • Maple wood
  • Cherry wood

Product Dimensions

Cutting boards (except domino tile) measure  9″ (h) x 12″ (w) x 3/4″ (d) laying flat and weigh approximately 1.5 lb.

If the listed design is not what you’re looking for, please reach out to us about a custom order that meets your requirements.

To purchase one of these beautiful cutting boards, please visit our Etsy Shop (links to each board below).

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