Designing the TinkerMake Workbench v1

As a maker, one of the most important things you will need is a good workbench. When I decided to pursue this task I found myself pouring through Pinterest, Make, Google Image searches, wood working forums, Instructables and other sites to find a good base design that I can modify to meet my specific needs.

I finally found a bench I really liked and used the basic design as the foundation for the workbench I had envisioned.

Here are some of the key “features” I was looking for in a all-around workbench:

Workbench Requirements

  • Build with cheap materials (2×4’s and plywood)
  • Easy, I’m a beginner, so I did not want to deal with fancy joints (this is version 1)
  • Mobile so I can rearrange workshop based on current project
  • Large workspace, but not too large that I could not maneuver or move out the way when needed
  • Taller than usual workbench height so I can work standing or sitting if I chose, also gives me more space to work with under the bench
  • Permanent/semi-permanent spot for table saw and miter saw
  • Enough space to accommodate additional tools, storage and other ideas

Wish List/Planned Upgrade Features

  • Built-in vacuum/dust collection system
  • Drawer and built-in storage throughout
  • Attached power strip

As you can see, I have a lot of things I want to incorporate in the workbench design. I essentially want it to be my Swiss Army Knife workbench, let’s see how that translates to in a build.

Is your workbench an all-in-one? Any ideas on how to best leverage available space? Your thoughts are welcome below.

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