Printrbot Metal Plus (1412)

My first 3D printer is a Printrbot Metal Plus (1412), single extruder without a heated bed.

Hours printed as of 3/6/2016: >850 hours


  • Large build area
  • Mac & Windows Compatibility
  • Fairly ready to print out of the box (once auto-leveling is set up)
  • Very rigid frame
  • Great price


  • Auto-leveling probe confusing and a pain for new users
  • Printrbot eliminated the option to buy a heated bed upgrade for this model printer shortly after I purchased
  • The printer is rather noisy
  • Missing screws and loose screws from the box
  • Requires additional support to prevent movement during prints


  • Heated bed
  • Base feet for stability
  • Spool holders
  • Ninjaflex extruder support
  • Additional nozzles
  • OctoPrint Server
  • Soundproof enclosure

Tips & Tricks for Metal Plus Users

  • Auto-Leveling Probe calibration
  • Ideal settings for PLA

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