Apple Watch Stand & Charger Model 1 with Anti-slip Feet – 3D Print


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Charge your Apple watch with this sleek 3D Printed and simple stand that complements your home and office decor.

The design features a rounded base and a small extension that allows the Apple Watch to rest comfortably and securely while charging.

This Apple Watch stand & charger is compatible with both magnetic chargers sold by Apple. It is also compatible with both the 42mm and 38mm Apple Watch models.

Our 3D Prints Are Better

  1. We actually use most of the items we sell, so we’re not going to sell stuff that doesn’t work
  2. Since we use the stuff we sell, we learn from usage and tweak print settings and sometimes the design to ensure good quality finishes and items that are functional
  3. We add value with small things, as an example, the Apple Watch stands we sell (along with other products), are shipped with rubber feet to keep them from slipping…small things we encountered while using these products.
  4. Because 3D prints are usually lighter than an injection molded part, we’ve tweaked print settings so that the stands we sell have weight to them and don’t tip over

Product Details

The Apple Watch stand Model B is primarily printed using ABS filament in the color of your choice.

Unless otherwise stated, our products are all printed at 200 micron resolution to get the best look and print quality.

Color Options

  • White ABS
  • Black ABS
  • Red ABS

If you are interested in a color that is not listed above, please contact us since our filament inventory is constantly changing.

Please note: The Apple Watch charger is not included.

Product Dimensions

2.1″ (h) x 2.1″ (d) x 1.9″ (w), 23g

The design file by GeorgesVDR ( is licensed via open source to print freely and available on Thingiverse.

Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 4 x 3 in